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Terms and Agreements

Please carefully read the following before agreeing, because it contains terms and conditions that may affect your application and potential employment within the Weatherford Group.

General Disclaimer:

I understand that I am providing my resume and other personal information to Weatherford International, LLC, a Delaware corporation based in the United States (hereinafter "Weatherford US"), so that it may host and process such information in connection with my application for job vacancies.  Such information is necessary for determining whether my skills and previous employment experiences are suitable for such vacancies.  I understand that Weatherford US will only process my information as necessary, and will do so in accordance with the data protection and employment legislation that are applicable in the countries in which Weatherford US, its affiliates, or its direct or indirect subsidiaries (collectively, the "Weatherford Group") has operations.

Privacy Notice:

I understand that the resume and personal information I enter online will be processed by Weatherford US for recruitment, hiring and employment purposes only.  Furthermore, I acknowledge that my resume and/or information may be accessed by the Weatherford subsidiary, affiliate, or department that my application indicates as the entity for which I wish to work (hereinafter, "Weatherford Local"), so that my application may be administered, evaluated, or managed by appropriate personnel.  I agree that Weatherford US may grant additional Weatherford subsidiaries, affiliates, or departments access to my resume or personal information to ascertain whether I am suitable for a particular job vacancy under certain circumstances, such as if my application does not clearly specify a particular Weatherford Local.  Weatherford Local or other Weatherford entities or individuals who view my application materials may be situated in countries that offer levels of data protection that are different from the level applied in my home country.  Those entities' and individuals' use of this data is only for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice.

I understand that if I am offered a job or become employed by a particular entity in the Weatherford Group, the information I submit will be used for other employment-related purposes. These purposes include, but are not limited to: verifying past employment and/or education; checking references; confirming ability to legally work in a particular country; contacting me and/or my emergency contacts at home if necessary; setting/adjusting compensation, job duties and titles; administering benefits, including health insurance; processing health insurance applications and claims; administering stock options; administering 401K; managing performance; and withholding and payment of applicable taxes.

By submitting my data and other job search-related information into this program, I acknowledge and consent to the information in this Privacy Notice.  In particular, I consent to the processing, use, or transfer of my personal data as outlined in this Privacy Notice.  I also understand that Weatherford US recommends that I do not disclose sensitive personal characteristics (e.g. height, weight, age, ethnicity, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, sexual orientation, financial data, health-related data) in the information that I submit via my job application.


Authorization and Release:

In exchange for Weatherford US's processing of this application and my possible employment or my continued employment with some entity in the Weatherford Group, I understand and agree to the following additional terms and conditions:

I authorize Weatherford US or its designee to conduct an investigation of my qualifications for employment including verification of my educational and employment history, as well as any professional, technical or job-related certifications to the extent applicable law permits it.  I acknowledge that such investigations may include contacting prior employers, professional and/or personal references and educational institutions that I have attended unless expressly indicated otherwise on this form.  To the extent permitted by applicable law, I release any and all persons and parties connected with such investigations from any and all claims or damages arising from the furnishing of information as part of that investigation.

Drug and Alcohol Testing/Physical Exam: I understand that the Weatherford Group has a Substance Abuse Policy concerning alcohol and drug use.  I also understand that if a conditional offer of employment is extended, I may, subject to applicable federal, state or local laws, be required to take and pass a pre-employment drug screening test and/or a physical exam for some positions.  I also understand that during the course of my employment with an entity in the Weatherford Group, I may be required to, subject to applicable federal, state or local laws, submit to a job-related physical exam or to drug and/or alcohol testing under certain conditions specified by company policy, including, but not limited to, post-accident or random testing.

Criminal/Background Check:  I understand that, in conjunction with my application for employment, Weatherford US or its designee may conduct a background check for criminal convictions and pending prosecutions, subject to applicable federal, state or local laws, and that the information obtained may, but not necessarily, result in: my not receiving an employment offer, withdrawal of an employment offer, or termination of employment.

Confidential Information: During and after any employment with an entity in the Weatherford Group, I will not disclose or use or cause others to disclose or use, except as such entity may authorize or direct, any confidential or proprietary knowledge or information I obtain during my employment.  At the end of my employment, I will return all property of such entity, and will not keep a copy of same.

I verify that the information I provide on this application (or related to my application) is true, complete, and accurate and that I am legitimately seeking a job with Weatherford Local.  I understand that any omission of information requested or any false or misleading information that I furnish in connection with the application for employment, including my authorization for a criminal-record check if permitted by applicable law, may result in the rejection of my application and may be considered justification for termination of employment if discovered at a later date.

Data Privacy Assistance

Data privacy questions or concerns can be sent electronically to dataprivacy@weatherford.com or write us at Weatherford International, LLC., 2000 St. James Place, Houston, TX 77056, United States.